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Is It Time To Cut Down?

Welcome to our blog – tips and guidelines on how fewer units makes for a happier existence. 

We all enjoy a drink from time to time whilst socialising with friends, but we often overlook the benefits to cutting back on alcohol consumption.

There are the obvious short term benefits such as avoiding those painful hangovers, the whirling room, the dehydration and the ‘can’t eat anything’ feeling which is often followed by the need for a full English breakfast!  

It has also been proven that sticking to your recommended units relieves stress and improves your mood, as alcohol acts as a depressant.  Not only this, but your sleep pattern will vastly improve, as alcohol interferes with the mechanisms which allow us to naturally maintain sleep. Perhaps the most rewarding result of all for many however is the weight loss that comes with the reduction in calorie intake – after all, a glass of wine is almost 120 calories! 

Fewer units equate to a healthier lifestyle, reducing alcohol related diseases and saving some money along the way. What better reason to cut down?

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