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The 'Drop a drink size' flashmob

‚ÄčWe hope you're sitting comfortably... because we're about the reveal the video of the 'Drop a drink size' flashmob that brought Liverpool's city centre to a standstill earlier this week! 

The flashmob took place to launch our campaign to raise awareness about the health risks associated with alcohol and encourage the public to think more about their drinking and consider dropping a drink size and drinking Fewer Units. 

An energetic and well-choreographed flashmob of dancers, dressed in everyday clothes, appeared out of nowhere and took over Church Street with a fast-paced and captivating dance routine that attracted a crowd of shocked and entertained on-lookers. The dance was performed to high-energy gym tracks and shows how drinking too much can negatively impact on your health and fitness.

One passer-by who watched the performance said: “It brought Church Street to a standstill!” 

The campaign itself is urging the people of Liverpool to think more about the alcohol they consume and also the calories it contains, revealing that drinking just three pints of beer is like having two burgers – 546 calories! 

We handed out leaflets to the crowds, spreading the message that “Simple life changes like drinking less can make a huge difference to your life and help you lose weight too.

“Drinking smaller glasses of wine, dropping to lower strength lager, avoiding ‘rounds’ and having two alcohol free days per week are all great ways to stay healthy and feel better.” 

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