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Alcohol and Cancer
Is Cancer linked to Alcohol?
Drinking alcohol is linked to a number of different types of cancer, including Mouth cancer and Throat cancer. Remember, the more you drink, the more you put your health at risk.

In women drinking too much alcohol can put you at a higher risk of Breast cancer. Drinking more than just one unit of alcohol per day is enough to increase the risk and this risk rises even further the more units you drink.

How does Alcohol cause cancer?
Alcohol can damage tissues inside the mouth and throat, triggering cell changes that may lead to cancer. With Breast cancer the most likely explanation is that drinking too much alcohol can cause biochemical effects in the liver; changing to how oestrogen is processed. There are numerous ways alcohol can cause cancer and drinking too much of it for too many years can lead to Cancer.

Does drinking increase my risk of cancer?
If you regularly drink more than the NHS advise, you’re more likely to develop some type of cancer. Women who are increased risk drinkers are nearly twice as likely to suffer cancer of the mouth, while men are two and a half times as likely. Men are nearly twice as likely to suffer cancers of the larynx or oesophagus and women around one and a half times more. All higher risk drinkers could be three to five times more likely to develop some form of cancer.